These bath mitts can play double-duty as a soap bag.  Simply place your favorite bar of soap into the bag, get everything nice and wet, move the bar around inside the bag and very quickly you'll see suds just oozing out!  Time to scrub yourself clean!

Bath Mitts

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These delightfully scrubby and luxurious deep-textured waffle-weave bath mitts created with natural yarns are perfect for every body.  Enjoy with your favorite handmade soap (we'll include a sample size of one of our handcrafted soaps with each bath mitt purchased)!  Be sure to buy two - one to pamper yourself while the other makes a very thoughtful gift.

Remember, each bath mitt is shipped with a sample size of one of our soaps so you can get scrubbing right away!

If you're like me and find bar soap slippery to use, simply place the soap bar into the bath mitt for an (almost) endless supply of suds.  Use this same idea for all of those little leftover pieces of bar soaps that are difficult to use on their own - just place them inside the bath mitt!  This practice also ensures that you make use of your entire bar of soap - no waste!